Drinking Water Systems Imperiled by Failing Infrastructure The Associated Press is picking up what we've been saying for years - across North America

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Drinking Water Systems Imperiled by Failing Infrastructure

The Associated Press is picking up what we've been saying for years - across North America, scores of decaying drinking water systems built around the time of World War II and earlier are in need of replacement. The costs to rebuild will be staggering. The costs of inaction are already piling up. The challenge is deepened by drought conditions in some regions and government mandates to remove more contaminants.


Water main break closes Montreal street

It's a story that's - sadly - all too familiar to Montreal residents. A watermain break in the Cote des Neiges neighbourhood shut down the street. The cause of the burst pipe is not known, but Montreal's water infrastructure is in terrible shape and hundreds of underground pipes burst each year.

Montreal, earlier this year, said 'enough is enough' and became the last major city in Canada to allow non-corroding PVC watermains as part of their infrastructure network.

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Watermain breaks, reduced water consumption creates $2.5M budget shortfall in Sudbury

The harsh winter, aging infrastructure and lower-than-forecast demand for water has the city's water and sewer department's budget into the red. And it's a problem which isn't forecast to get any better:

'There have been 130 watermain breaks to the end of June 2015,” a staff report says. “This number is projected to be 173 for the calendar year, using historical averages for the remaining months, compared to 141 breaks for 2014 and 103 for 2013.'


School finds time capsule hidden in plain site

Ever wondered how long PVC pipe has been around?
Consider an elementary school in New Jersey. Staff at the school understood there was a time capsule, but didn't know where... until a custodian led them to a plain PVC pipe under the stage.

This time, that pipe wasn't keeping water in pristine condition for over 50 years, but memories.

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Why I left Greenpeace: Dr Patrick Moore

Editors note: Why do we care about Dr Patrick Moore?

The fact is - infrastructure is a 'hard' need. A municipality can survive without a hockey arena or a library, but it can't survive without clean drinking water.

We understand that, and we value the need to balance emotional, feel good political pandering versus meeting the REAL needs of a community. That's where Dr Patrick Moore fits in perfectly.

Whether you love him or hate him - Dr Moore, the co-founder of Greenpeace, is the poster child for balancing hard facts versus 'feel-good' statements. I'd urge you to take five minutes and watch the Youtube video where Moore explains his decision to leave the activist organization.

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If you want something a little more in-depth, you can check out a podcast from the Centre for Industrial Progress, or send me a note - I'll send you a free copy of Dr Moore's book 'Confessions of a Greenpeace Dropout.' It's a great read.

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