Corner Brook pipe break causes major damage Some properties in Corner Brook suffered major damage Monday following a break in an older, cast-iron mai

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Corner Brook pipe break causes major damage

Some properties in Corner Brook suffered major damage Monday following a break in an older, cast-iron main water pipe. Patios were ruined and backyards were washed away. One house had almost a metre of water in its basement and garage.


Water, water everywhere: Why irrigation would help Western Canada beat drought

In a typical year, the Vandeburgts fight mud on their farm, which sprawls in the valley of the mighty Fraser River in a normally wet, lush part of Canada. But this year’s hot, dry summer across B.C., Alberta and Saskatchewan has left thousands of dairy, cattle and grain producers parched, as they grapple with the worst drought in more than a decade.


Applications Now Open for Ontario Community Infrastructure Fund

Ontario is inviting small, rural and Northern municipalities to apply for infrastructure funding to build and repair critical infrastructure, like roads and bridges, under the Ontario Community Infrastructure Fund.


Washington DC: Cost to fix aging sewers, roads, schools will far exceed funds

During the next 15 years, the cost of fixing and updating basic infrastructure is expected to exceed available funding by $58 billion.

That means more floods in D.C. neighbourhoods as corroding sewer lines and decrepit storm-water pipes give way. It means more potholes on highways and streets that are buckling under punishing weather and traffic, a problem that led to 95,000 repairs since January just in Northern Virginia. And it means more years of overcrowded schools and outdated libraries, police stations and firehouses.

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Kudos to Montreal!

Montreal has made a great first step towards repairing the corroding infrastructure which has plagued their streets, and their reputation.

Here's a tweet from Montreal Mayor Denis Coderre as he watches one of the first PVC pipes go into a Montreal street.

This picture here on the left is a new PVC pipe, alongside a picture of the pipe that it replaced. Allowing PVC into their system means the city is saying no to corruption - and corrosion.

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The tragic cost of old-fashioned pipe

We ran into this story... a town just outside of New Orleans is preparing a hike in water and sewer rates because it has to replace corroded, cast-iron watermains.

That's not unusual. What is unusual is unnecessary, avoidable, and absolutely tragic. A 4-year-old boy is dead after brain-eating amoeba were found in the municipal water supply. The amoeba were, essentially, 'hiding' from the chlorination of the water supply amongst all the pockets and crevices of the corrosion on the cast-iron mains.


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