Spending Smarter on Infrastructure - August 2012


Canada's "Plan B" if economy falters: infrastructure spending, not rate trimming

Ramping up government spending on infrastructure, rather than trimming interest rates, may be Canada's best path should economic growth falter in the next year, notes a new report from CIBC World Markets.


High Performance Buildings

You may have heard of a 'Green Building.' Maybe you've heard of an efficient building layout, or energy efficiency... what about "High Performance Buildings?" A group of 27 associations has gathered in Washington to form the American High Performance Buildings Coalition.


Construction Pipe Primer

Editors note: We get occasional queries from folks who simply get confused about the varieties of different pipes and products that are out there. This article may not be applicable for you - but if you've ever wondered about the properties and different types of pipe that are out there, our Gord LeFort has written this excellent article for you.

And if you're curious about pipe materials on a much larger scale, Utah State University has produced a multi-year study comparing pipe performance across North America. It compares break rates and other technical data between PVC pipe and different forms of old-fashioned cement and metal pipes.


Canada's longest-serving Mayor advocates "Buy Canadian."

Mississauga, Ontario Mayor Hazel McCallion says "Free Trade really does not exist" at a recent Council meeting.

"I do not support importing material from the U.S for this line. I'm extremely sensitive to this. I'll tell you why.

O'Ryan Bus has just been closed down in Mississauga. There are 3 bus companies in the country. Nova (?) in Montreal, O'Ryan in Mississauga, New Flyer in Winnipeg. And all the buses in Canada can only be completed to 50% then has to be shipped across the border to be finished in the U.S because the federal government in the US has ruled that they will not allow and not give subsidy to any city that buys buses completely manufactured in Canada. So I'm pretty sensitive now with 300 people unemployed in the City of Mississauga. .....We talk about free trade .... but it really does not exist."

Video (note: forward to the 6.46.33 mark)


Iconic US landmark gets PVC facelift

If you've ever visited Washington, DC, chances are good you've been to the National Mall and Washington monument. Millions of visitors visit the area each year - so when the US Government chose to renew the facilities, we're not surprised they went with PVC to support their underground infrastructure.


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