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March 2009

Ontario readies shovel on close to 300 infrastructure projects
In what may very well be the single largest one-day infrastructure announcement in Canadian history, the Federal and Provincial governments announced over $1.2 billion in funding on 285 infrastructure projects across the province.

The full list is available here

Infrastructure Minister John Baird says the Ontario announcement is only the beginning - there will be more funding announced for larger municipalities with populations over 100,000 people, and of course, infrastructure projects announced in other provinces.  Video of the announcement.

Where is YOUR infrastructure money?

Great question!  Try as we might, we simply can't stay on top of all the funding announcements.  If you know of a major announcement coming to your region, please
let us know - we'll try to feature your story.

In the meantime, if you're curious about the state of federal or provincial joint infrastructure announcements in your province, check this list for the infrastructure contacts of each Province and Territory.

BC, Saskatchewan and New Brunswick follow suit
Other provinces are right behind, following with their bids to announce new infrastructure funding.  $100 million in British Columbia, $95 million in Saskatchewan and $57 million in New Brunswick mean infrastructure cash is flowing nation-wide.

Old pipes in deep trouble
Another sign of the Toronto's aging water infrastructure became apparent when 30 south Etobicoke homes went without water... "I can't say exactly, but it happens a lot," one worker said.  A report in the Toronto Sun claims residents need to get ready for burst watermain season.  "Just as we have a flu season and a mosquito season, we have a burst watermain season in Ontario and we're just now heading into it."

The problem isn't unique to Toronto - an article in the Sudbury Star is blaming old, cast-iron watermains on the majority of its water woes.

Failing infrastructure cannot support a healthy economy
In the wake of massive stimulus projects being announced, the American Society of Engineers has released their annual report card, saying decades of underfunding and inattention have jeopardized the ability of our nation’s infrastructure to support our economy and facilitate our way of life. 
Backgrounder and the actual report.

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