Montreal says 'oui' to PVC pipe The City of Montreal was one of the last cities to hold on to old fashion iron and concrete pipes almost exclusively.

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Montreal says 'oui' to PVC pipe

The City of Montreal was one of the last cities to hold on to old fashion iron and concrete pipes almost exclusively. And for years, Montreal has paid a high price - high water main break rates due to corrosion, high emergency repair costs and high public inconvenience.

But now a new report from the City of Montreal opens the door for PVC pipe for watermains and sewer lines, encouraging fair and open competition. This is a great stride forward and a great decision for Montreal taxpayers!

Congratulations to Mayor Codere and to the citizens of Montreal, who will not only see lower operating costs, but far fewer watermain breaks in the future. As Mayor Coderre fondly says, 'Montreal is back'. We believe so too!

Their technical report is too large to send to every subscriber, but if you want a full copy (in French), send me a note and I'll happily get it to you.


A celebration of fair and open competition

Just about every major city in Canada now allows free, open and fair competition for the selection of their watermains and sewer pipes.

It's a PVC revolution, and we're proud of the impact we're making. We're celebrating, and part of that fun is some give-aways.

Tell me about a new or innovative infrastructure development in your municipality. Just for chiming in, I'll send you a copy of Michael McGuire's book about another fantastic water technology revolution: 'The Chlorine Revolution: Water Disinfection and the Fight to Save Lives.'


'Very large' infrastructure announcements on the horizon: industry minister

Speaking to CTV's Question Period, Federal Infrastructure Minister James Moore acknowledged the long-time 'gap' between the provinces and federal government on the issue of infrastructure.

'This budget will reaffirm our commitment to infrastructure spending,' said Moore. 'I think you're going to see some very large scale announcements in every part of the country to the benefit of productivity, to the benefit of infrastructure and to the benefit of the quality of life of everyday Canadians.'


Earthquake? No problem for new IPEX product

Long story short - we don't want to see photos like this any more than you do. The good news is - we have new technologies in the pipe industry. The great news - these new technologies are EXCEPTIONALLY good at handling the heaving, buckling and stress associated with seismic activity.

I'm not exaggerating - shockingly good results. Our Seismic Resistant Bionax Water Pipe is head, shoulders and chest above the competition when it comes to seismic performance, and we're excited about it. If you want a full copy of the new seismic testing results we've just gotten back from Cornell University, drop me a line or call me.


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