Blame Canada! Historic cold temperatures causing water main havoc across North America. The man in the picture to the left is inspecting frozen pipe

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Blame Canada! Historic cold temperatures causing water main havoc across North America.

The man in the picture to the left is inspecting frozen pipes... in Mexico.

The cold temperatures are causing chaos all over the place. Perhaps most visibly in Toronto, where residents are reporting that they've been without water for over a week now. It's a situation so dire that it's attracting international media attention.

The Watermain Break Clock tracks the cost of frozen and corroded watermains... now cresting over $650 BILLION since the year 2000.


Toronto creates 'SWAT team' to deal with frozen pipes

Toronto Water has been flooded with calls about frozen pipes during the frigid weather and many residents are growing frustrated waiting days for crews to show up.

The city has received almost 2,000 “no-water” calls since Feb. 14 and municipal officials estimated there are still around 400 properties without water because of frozen pipes in the ground. Some homeowners have been waiting eight to nine days for water service to be restored.

Water officials admitted they face a “significant backlog” because workers can only thaw frozen pipes outside homes at a rate of around 15 to 20 properties a day.

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Other communities struggle to deliver water

The frozen pipes aren't just a problem in Toronto... there are multiple reports of large problems in places like Halifax and Montreal. City of Hamilton officials are scrambling, but so far they've been able to stay on top of things.


National Research Council Study confirms PVC’s excellent performance in cold weather

The National Research Council did an exhaustive study on the best material and practices to combat the inevitable problems associated with Canada, old corroding water mains, and cold temperatures. To do the research, they went to one of the coldest major cities in the country, Edmonton. And what did they discover? The solution to broken, frozen watermains lies in new technology, like corrosion free, flexible PVC pipe.

To download the full technical report, click here.

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Infrastructure: 'Not Sexy, but Important...' (and hilarious!)

HBO's John Oliver took on the subject of infrastructure renewal on his show 'Last Week Tonight.' With such gems as 'What is infrastructure? It's basically anything you can blow up in an action movie' he addresses the issues in a way you'll remember.... and chuckle over.


Comments, Questions - and an autographed book.

What does the co-founder of Greenpeace think about PVC pipe? He loves it!

Soon after he left Greenpeace in 1985, he used copious amounts of PVC pipe to build a Salmon farm in British Columbia, and is an avid fan to this day. Drop me your address, and I’ll send you his updated book.

I have a few copies that her personally autographed sitting here on my shelf, looking for a new home.

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