Montreal tunnel collapse ‘a lesson to the entire country’

Canada’s second-biggest city is being called a No. 1 example of the potential consequences of neglecting infrastructure renewal projects.

Longtime structural engineers say Montreal’s woes are an illustration for other Canadian cities of what could happen when a municipality doesn’t have a solid maintenance plan in place — from the very beginning.


Rough month in Montreal

Montreals infrastructure problems may have begun decades ago, but they appear to be coming to a head this year. The city was blasted by a flash storm earlier this month - which led to this shocking video of what can happen when storm drains become overrun.


Liability questions remain in Calgary water main fiasco

A family of five were evacuated following the Thursday afternoon mishap in northeast Calgary that saw a 24-inch concrete pipe burst, sending a torrent of water shooting two storeys into the air.


Is Revenue Canada going to come knocking on your door?

The Canada Revenue Agency will be able to inspect the books of about 150 Quebec municipalities as it conducts a sweeping probe looking for possible cases of tax evasion. The revenue agency wants to scrutinize hundreds of contracts handed out by municipalities between 2007 and 2010 — looking at everything from snow removal and garbage pickup to individuals who may have done consultant work.


Is there a 'Silver Bullet' for aging water systems?

In folklore, a silver bullet is reportedly the only kind that provides an effective defense against terrible monsters. One municipal official in Denver's third-largest city says if the evil monster is corrosion or pipe replacement costs, then there is indeed a silver bullet out there.


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