Harper earmarks $5.8B for federal infrastructure Prime Minister Stephen Harper has unveiled a $5.8-billion menu of federal infrastructure improvement

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Harper earmarks $5.8B for federal infrastructure

Prime Minister Stephen Harper has unveiled a $5.8-billion menu of federal infrastructure improvements - in addition to $5 billion in funding previously announced.

The funding, Harper said, would go to projects expected to create jobs and deliver quick results, most of it over the next three years.

There may never be a better time to line your infrastructure projects up and take advantage of election year funding.

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Montreal Mayor Denis Coderre welcomes the infrastructure community

Three days, 1500 participants, 100 study cases and 45 exhibit stands. It's all part of the 'Infra 2014 Congress' being hosted by the City of Montreal.

Mayor Denis Coderre is the keynote speaker... will he announce fair and open procurement guidelines encouraging more choice and competition?

We've known for decades PVC was more reliable, cheaper, and much faster to install. Montreal has an opportunity to include PVC pipe for the 2015 construction season. That single act will help start reducing water main breaks immediately, save water, improve water quality and save taxpayers money. Slowing down the watermain break clock is good for everyone, including the workers who make the pipe right in Mayor Coderre's backyard.


CHAOS: Mudslide leads to day of gridlock and aggravation

Police say a water main break was causing the problem

You know it's bad when the Provincial Police urges drivers to 'just stay home.'

A broken watermain caused a mudslide, shutting down a major artery connecting Hamilton to Toronto. On a weekday. At rush hour. (The highway has been reopened.)

The broken watermain was about 50 years old, an official said. More than half of the city's watermains are at least that old - and the City of Hamilton recognized, over a decade ago, that they were in trouble. They became an early adopter of open competition and allowed large diameter PVC pipe - preventing incidents like this from occuring more often.

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Questions, Comments... and a FREE Book!

2014 has been a tumultuous year, and Canada has collectively not only survived, but thrived.

We believe new infrastructure funding is going to make Canada even better in 2015. So as a gift, the first two dozen readers to let me know what infrastructure projects you're planning with new federal infrastructure spending will receive a free copy of Conrad Black's new book 'Rise to Greatness: The History of Canada.'

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