Buy America... is back?! Some municipalities say 'no way.' American special interests are up to their old tricks, and attempting to shut down Canad

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Buy America... is back?! Some municipalities say 'no way.'

American special interests are up to their old tricks, and attempting to shut down Canadian competition - but some Canadian municipalities are saying 'no way.'

'Twice in the past five years the U.S. have adopted discriminatory Buy American legislation that bars Canadian manufacturers from participating in large infrastructure projects south of the border, and on both occasions, Mayor Bonnette and Halton Hills Councilors have stood up for the Canadian manufacturing sector,” said Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters President and CEO Jayson Myers.

'Reciprocity is the most important condition for any free trade agreement to be succesful over the long term,” said Myers. “No free trade agreements can be mutually beneficial if there is no reciprocity. We’re supportive of Halton Hills' resolution and we are going to work with all municipalities across the country that want to stand up for Canadian manufacturers.'


'Buy America' hurts American's, too

Brace yourself for a flood of stories about municipalities on both sides of the border who are adversely affected by misguided American protectionism.

In just one example, a watermain project has been postponed in Carson City, Nevada. The lowest bidder needs to reassess how they source their pipe.

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Provincial infrastructure pot a 'start' for northern Ontario communities

Annual funding for roads and other infrastructure projects is something the Northern Ontario Large Urban Mayors group lobbied for last year in a priority paper submitted to the premier, said Sudbury Mayor Marianne Matichuk.

Half of the $100-million pot will be divided each year among eligible municipalities 'using a fair and transparent formula, which recognizes that all municipalities have different infrastructure and fiscal needs,' according to a release.


Australia: Use PVC to replace your pipes

PVC pipes should be considered for water supply pipeline projects because they outperform alternative materials in performance and cost effectiveness. Their smooth bore allows high flow rates. They are corrosion proof and easy to handle, transport and install. PVC pipes have a proven track record of excellent long-term performance and offer extended, trouble free service life.

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Manufacturers are struggling to keep up with the resurgence in vinyl records

Something a little different - the crackle of a vinyl revival has been getting louder this year as dropping the needle on a record becomes ever more in vogue. But what has been championed as a victory for music purists is putting a strain on a creaking industry.

Pressing plants are struggling to meet the increased demand for records. The cost of building new record-pressing machinery is prohibitively expensive, so greater volumes are being pumped through ageing machines in the few plants left.


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