Milwaukee car, driver tumble into giant sinkhole amid rainstorm

Your eyes aren't tricking you - that's a Cadillac Escalade at the bottom of a giant hole which opened up under a surprised driver in Wisconsin earlier this month.

''The Escalade just went wham!' Pawlik said. 'Everything went down. The power line went like 'pow' and then I think it was sewer water was just pouring into the hole.'


High-tech detection methods help municipalities battle leaky water mains

'It's the dirty little secret of municipal water systems. Even as water utilities practice good environmental citizenship by encouraging their customers to turn off taps, take shorter showers and buy low-flush toilets, their own pipes leak at a rate that, if it happened in your home, would soon have you swimming around your basement. '


Walkerton, ten years later....

It was just around ten years ago now... Walkerton, Ontario, struggling to cope with thousands of sicknesses and seven deaths from drinking tap water. They had a problem - the old, iron pipe supplying the town was lined with biofilm... and the e coli organisms were hiding amongst the tuberculation.

IPEX stepped up and donated over $100,000 worth of vinyl pipe to the besieged town. Ten years later, we wanted to see how our pipe was doing.


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